Welcome to S-Chelate Plant Food

Hello and welcome to S-Chelate plant food. Environmentally-friendly fertilizer made right here in the UK.

Biologically gentle chelated technology is the secret behind our success – with plants growing up to 40% stronger and healthier in our rigorous laboratory tests thanks to our micronutrient-packed plant food which is quickly delivered to the plants without any build up of toxic chemicals in the surrounding environment – making it ecologically safer for plants, soil, wildlife and pollinating insects. Find out how your plants can benefit from our chelated plant food technology

Our chelated plant food is made to the highest standard – and we are proud to announce that our S-Chelate-O product range has been approved by the Soil Association for use in organic crop growing.

S-Chelate plant food is suitable for both home gardeners and commercial and agricultural growers. In fact anyone with an interest in growing: houseplants, gardens, lawns, allotments, orchards, farm crops, commercial fruit and vegetable growers, sport pitches, playing fields and golf courses.

Discover some of the frequently asked questions about our fertilizer, or contact our expert team for further advice and help