Our customers sometimes have questions about our S-Chelate plant food, and here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, then please do contact us and our friendly, expert team will be happy to help you.

What are chelates?

Our plant foods are made using micronutrients which are surrounded by a larger molecule called a ligand or chelator to form “chelated micronutrients”. This creates a super charged fertilizer which is not only nutritious to plants, but which also helps transport the food quickly and efficiently into the plants.

What makes S-Chelate products so special?

Small quantities of various minerals have long been recognised as essential to the healthy growth of plants and S-Chelate has been developed to deliver the micronutrients that each plant requires with the optimum level of chelation (transporting nutrients quickly into the plant). Our chelating agent is produced through a biological fermentation process instead of a synthetic chemical process that is less bio-accumulative than other chelating systems so it does not build up in the environment and is therefore more eco-friendly. Our chelating agent also keeps the micronutrients soluble across a wide pH range and tolerates a much higher level of alkali.

Is S-Chelate environmentally-friendly?

All of our products are environmentally friendly because they are made with the biologically friendly S-Chelate technology which enables remarkably low application rates down to a quarter of competing products. They are a bit like the new low wattage light bulbs in that less is needed to produce the same effect as higher quantities of competing products. This has been demonstrated repeatedly in commercial use by the biology of soils being supported and enhanced.

Who can use S-Chelate products?

Our mission is to offer a range of S-Chelate micronutrients for growers who are seeking to promote plant growth and health.

We offer single element products to deal with specific mineral deficiencies but we also offer a growing range of multi-element products developed in collaboration with growers for particular plant systems. Our products are so versatile and multi-purpose that they can be used by anybody who grows plants from indoor and outdoor gardeners to allotment growers to ground-keepers for turf playing surfaces to farmers and other growers of large scale food crops.

Can your packaging be recycled?

Yes, our packaging can be recycled with the rest of your plastic household waste.

Is S-Chelate harmful to wildlife and pollinators?

The S-Chelate biological friendliness ranges up and down the foodchain. When used at the recommended low application rates, they have been shown to be friendly to all of the ecosystems they have been used in. Plants, soil microbes, worms, fish, bees, butterflies (and us!) have all benefited by using S-Chelates.

Can I use S-Chelate on my houseplants?

Absolutely! Our S-Chelate-O Cultiv-8 which Soil Association approved for organic growers and our S-Chelate 12 Star complete plant food are suitable for all outdoor and indoor plants and crops. We recommend using every 1-3 weeks to help grow healthy houseplants.

You will however have to be prepared to re-pot as plants flourish!

Are S-Chelate products safe to use in the home and garden around my pets?

Very much so providing you use them at the recommended low application rates. The S-Chelate-O Cultiv-8 and S-Chelate 12 Star products are supplied in robust plastic, screw lid packs which, in common with all other household concentrates like washing powders or washing up liquids, should be kept closed securely, out of reach of children and pets when not in use and handled with care.

Is S-Chelate organic?

Our S-Chelate-O products have been certified by the Soil Association for use on organic crops but they are not organic themselves. Click here for further information on the Soil Association strict standards.

Where is S-Chelate produced?

Our plant food is made in the UK. All of the products are manufactured in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Our S-Chelate HQ is in Amersham, Buckinghamshire. Lab and plant trial work is performed at the world famous agricultural centre at Rothamsted, Hertfordshire.

Is it easy to mix the S-Chelate plant food solution?

Oh, yes! Simply mix our plant food powder with water and you’re ready to go. Follow the instructions on each pack for the correct powder to water ratio for each S-Chelate plant food using the scoops provided in each pack.

How often should I use S-Chelate plant food?

How often you use our plant food depends on a number of factors – but for the best results application should be roughly every 1-3 weeks to promote optimum flowering, health and growth. Full details for each specific product are shown on the packs along with the product data.

Where can I buy S- Chelate plant food?

S-Chelate-O Cultiv-8 and S-Chelate 12 Star plant foods are both available in our online store.

For Commercial users: we work with agronomy led distributors in the UK and many other countries around the world. Contact us for further information on commercial and agricultural plant food supplies.