Case Studies and Controlled Plant Trials


S-Chelate Triumph Over Ordinary Chelates In Basil Trial 2021

We compared S-Chelate-O Fe with FeEDDHA and FeDTPA in a controlled trial using a balanced organic feed which was specially formulated for growing Basil.

The results were a stunning victory for S-Chelate-O Fe and S-Chelate 12 Star which produced much faster and healthier growth as you can see by the pictures below.

S-Chelate-O Fe is one of our range of products certified by the Soil Association for use in organic growing and is not bio-accumulative. Visit our product range:

S-Chelate 12 Star is formulated with the same biologically friendly chelated micronutrients and is available to gardeners and other small scale growers to order from our website.

We also offer commercial scale quantities in larger packs:

S-Chelate 12 Star contains the 8 nutrients in our S-Chelate-O Cultiv-8 which is Soil Association approved for use in organic growing and is also available from our website for small or commercial scale use.

This result illustrates the beneficial effect on plants of the remarkably wide pH range shown on our graph.


24th August – 58 days after start - ordered by feed

From the left:

1st Row – Yellow – FeDTPA in Basil feed
2nd Row – Blue – S-Chelate-O Fe in Basil feed
3rd Row – Red – FeEDDHA in Basil feed
4th Row – White – Basil feed with no added Iron
5th Row – Green – S-Chelate 12 Star


7th September – 72 days after start –
Top ten biggest plants
Two S-Chelate 12 Star
Four S-Chelate-O Fe in Basil Feed

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