We have had this cactus for around ten years and it was doing OK being fed on commercially available cactus foods.

We started to feed it with S-Chelate-O Cultiv-8 around 5 years ago and then with S-Chelate 12 Star around 3 years ago.

After starting the 12 Star, we could see a difference within weeks with increased growth and a generally more healthy, shiny appearance.

Around 18 months ago it started to produce ‘baby’ versions of itself which we have transplanted into their own pots and  given away to friends and family.

Around 2 weeks ago, after the start of the heat waves, we noticed four strange new growths growing from the side of the cactus facing the window.

To our amazement, they grew to a length of around 20cm over a week and 3 days ago produced the fantastic flowers you can see in the picture.

They lasted one night and the next day one started to collapse.

Two more spikes have started to grow – so the story continues!

We found from research that these cacti produce flowers in the desert regions they grow at night to attract pollinating moths.

However, nutrition is critical so we are particularly proud to share this S-Chelate 12 Star success story.

We feed it with 12 Star at the recommended dilution instead of just watering which means every 2 to 4 weeks.

12 Star provides a combination of the 12 most important Macro and Micro Nutrients.

The Micronutrients are formulated using the S-Chelate biologically friendly chelates and this cactus is a spectacular example of how a healthy plant flourishes with them.