Case Studies and Controlled Plant Trials


Foliar S-Chelate M2 - Potato Trials 2013

Ware Potato Trial

The photograph show the biggest tubers hand sorted from random samples of the trial potatoes.

The established micronutrients were Manganese Nitrate and Magnesium Sulphate and the trial using S-Chelate M squared (formerly S-Chelate PRO-TATO) produced tubers over 40% heavier.

Foliar application rate was 2 x 3.5kg/Ha with 2 weeks in between when plants had reached full cover.

A further trial was conducted on potatoes grown specifically for the production of crisps and tissue analysis showed that the leaves had almost double the Magnesium uptake with only one third of the application rate having been used.

Yield of size ranges

on 18.27 and 18.53 tonnes by weight

M² vs Standard

45-60mm Tubers
20% – 3.6 tonnes vs 30% – 5.6 tonnes

60-65mm Tubers
31% – 5.6 tonnes vs 23% – 4.2 tonnes

65-85mm Tubers
50% – 9.1 tonnes vs 44% – 8.2 tonnes

Foliar S-Chelate M2 - Potato Trials 2013

Delighted allotment grower with remarkable Beetroot grown using S-Chelate M².

Despite remarkable boost in beetroot size, the taste was equally as good as smaller beetroot.