Soil Association Approvals for S-Chelate-O products Use in Organic Growing

We are proud to announce that we have achieved Soil Association approval for the use of our S-Chelate-O products in Organic Growing.

We believe this is the ultimate confirmation of their biological friendliness and great recognition that they are in tune with the natural soil environment.

The S-Chelate-O Cultiv-8 micronutrient ratio and combination was used in the trial as an integral part of the S-Chelate 12 Star formulation.

All of our single element S-Chelate-O products along with the S-Chelate-O-7 element system, S-Chelate-O Mand S-Chelate-O IPM Assist are Soil Association approved for use in Organic growing and we recommend them for use in combination with your organic composts or to revive established plants like fruit trees.

  • S-Chelate-O Cultiv-8
  • S-Chelate-O B
  • S-Chelate-O Cu
  • S-Chelate-O Fe
  • S-Chelate-O Mg
  • S-Chelate-O Mn
  • S-Chelate-O M2
  • S-Chelate-O07
  • S-Chelate-O Zn
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