More Great Results From S-Chelate

Great pictures from another very satisfied S-Chelate 12 Star customer in Scotland who has seen improved health and growth across their fabulously broad selection of flowering plants and vegetables. The 12 essential nutrient elements in S-Chelate 12 Star produced more vibrant flowers, stronger leaf formation, great fruit set and tomato growth, succulent cucumbers and courgettes, illustrating the extraordinarily broad range of plants that benefit.

We have kept in contact with these keen gardeners because they have been suffering from an absence of worms before using the S-Chelates last year.

This could have been caused by overuse of fertilisers in previous years thereby adversely affecting the biology in the soil.

Earthworms are near the top of the soil food chain and their absence indicates that the soil biological balance has been upset.

Prolonged use of S-Chelates in golf courses and gardens alike has shown they actually support soil biology thereby feeding the soil as ell as the plants.

Soil Association approval for the use of products like the S-Chelate Cultiv-8 for organic growing also helps to support our claim that our chelation system is biologically friendly.

This is a video of this epic garden filmed on 12th July 2021 after several feeds with S-Chelate 12 Star. (They fed every second time the garden needed watering and they didn’t feed when it had rained).

This sheer range of flourishing food and flowering plants is a testament to this customers’ dedication and enthusiasm for gardening which we are delighted to see is brilliantly complemented by our broad spectrum S-Chelate 12 Star technology.