Tomato Plant Trial

The S-Chelate 12 Star plant food is ahead of 3 market leading products after only two feeds.

The S-Chelate 12 Star is the one with the green tab on the left.

The S-Chelate 12 Star incorporates the S-Chelate-O Cultiv-8 formulation so this is a dramatic illustration of how effective our supercharged minerals are in both of these products which are available to buy now on this website.

There are two varieties of tomatoes, Sungold Cherry and Shirley F1 and the Sungold are producing bigger plants with all feeds.

We bought 16 plants in a local garden centre on 11th June in small pots and repotted them into 10 inch pots on 26th June giving them all an initial feed.

We fed them again on the 10th July and took these photos and videos on the 12th July.”

Testimonial from S-Chelate 12 Star Customer in Suffolk:

This lady has a serious plot of land in Suffolk and was kind enough to give us this great feedback:

“Tomatoes: independently I decided also to simultaneously test on my tomatoes. I grow a 30ft polytunnel full of these, of several varieties, 50% in pots with trays and collars and 50% in raised beds. It’s been a horrid year here in Suffolk for tomatoes in polytunnels because it was too hot too early. However, I can say without any shadow of a doubt that chelate had good clear results in two feeds, exactly as you say. It cleared up curling leaves, and yellow leaves, and I got am immediate strong flush of new green growth. Infact, I’ve never had such vigorous growth. I’ve had to side shoot and prune continuously.

I think chelate probably saved the crop to the extent that I’ve a lot of setting fruit now higher up the cordon as well as some ripening fruit lower down but much less (owing to the heat stopping the set). I hadn’t immediately thought of using chelate on tomatoes and was going through my same old routine first of all with the household tomato feeds which didn’t seem to be working, so I swapped to an organic newish brand in the market of basically seaweed feed “plus” but that was even worse and the plants were visibly declining until I used the chelate.

I also found, unexpectedly, liquid feeds a lot harder to use than the chelate. With chelate, it’s really easy and quick to measure and it dissolves in an instant under high pressure into measured watering cans etc. And no splashing of brown staining feed all over the place – so I really like the ease of use too.”

Shirley F1 Tomatoes
Sungold Cherry Tomatoes